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Customer Testimonials
“Your quick service on my dishwasher last week was very much appreciated.  Thanks for the hard work!”
Stephanie H., Dallas, TX   75219

These guys are real pros. We called them to repair our refrigerator because it wasn't cooling well. They gave us a reasonable estimate, they showed up when they said they would, and everything with the refrigerator repair went really smoothly. Of course, I hope that we have no more need for their services, because refrigerator problems often come with big headaches, but I have added Georges Service to my rolodex for future needs and recommendations.
Joseph T.,  Addison, TX 75001

I must admit that I dreaded the idea of finding a repairman for our washing machine. In the past the folks who had been sent out via our warranty contract were nightmares. So I took a chance and found James. He was beyond excellent. He worked around my schedule, explained the situation and the costs. Then he got the parts and fixed it ASAP. I asked him about a antique microwave that was broken. He said that he would check on the parts. The very next day he called reporting that the parts weren't made anymore and he just wanted to keep me updated. In a time when customer service seems so lackluster, James is a class act and a very talented gentleman. Thank you, James. I truly can't believe I was so lucky! 
Linda M.,  Dallas, TX 75215 
Georges Services is the best appliance repair company we've ever hired. They are unfailingly honest, conscientious, thorough, clean, and really nice to our dog. We've had problems with our Kenmore refrigerator. The freezer part was working but the refrigerator was warm and I had to throw the food out several times. It was getting really frustrating because I didn’t know what was going on. Anyway, the Georges Services technician who came over was an experienced, professional, and respectful, had a friendly attitude, and provided satisfactory service. He fixed my refrigerator the same day and since then the refrigerator has been working perfect.
Fredrick G.,  Carrollton, TX  75006

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